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Working knowledgeably and safely in a substation environment


About Us

Malcolm spent 32 years working in hydroelectric generating plants and transmission substations in the Pacific Northwest. He graduated from a state accredited Substation Operator apprenticeship program and began training full time in 1996. While employed in the technical training department, Malcolm ran the transmission simulator and wrote course curriculum for a Substation Operations Apprentice program. He has completed the Langevin Learning Systems Successful Training Manager program and Web-based Training workshops, as well as the Darryl Sink Criterion-Based Testing workshops.

Myra holds a master’s degree in speech and language pathology and has worked the last 25 years in the medical field. Her specialties include patient referral coordination and organization.

Our company focuses on task oriented projects. We schedule on a first-come basis and concentrate on completion based upon our client’s deadlines.

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